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Item: Count: Points:
Baby Unicorn 1x 92
Curly Hortensis Lamp (Lit) 1x 44
Baby Hedgehog 1x 55
Little Big Flower Lamp (Lit) 1x 29
Baby Polar Bear 1x 44
Blue Round Cushion 1x 29
Blue Square Cushion 1x 18
Crystal Lamp 1x 29
Demon Skull 1x 18
Golden Demon Skull 1x 29
Golden Minotaur Skull 1x 37
Green Round Cushion 1x 18
Green Square Cushion 1x 18
Idol Lamp 1x 29
Minotaur Skull 1x 26
Violet Round Cushion 1x 18
Violet Square Cushion 1x 18
Festive Filled Shoes 1x 18
Festive Fireplace 1x 66
Festive Pile of Presents 1x 18
Festive Pyramid 1x 44
Festive Rocking Chair 1x 18
Festive Sack of Presents 1x 18
Festive Sleigh 1x 18
Festive Table 1x 37
Festive Tree 1x 66
Chest of Abundance 1x 44
Fluorescent Fungi (Lit) 1x 22
Gloomy Poisonous Fungi (Lit) 1x 22
Glowing Sulphur Fungi (Lit) 1x 22
Incomprehensible Riches 1x 33
Luminescent Fungi (Lit) 1x 22
Painting of Tibiasula (Tibiasula) 1x 92
Stuffed Bear Display 1x 33
Stuffed Teddy Display 1x 18
Anglerfish Lamp (Lit) 1x 44
Baby Rotworm (Store) 1x 55
Bellflower 1x 18
Carnivorous Plant 1x 55
Fennec 1x 55
Forget-Me-Not 1x 18
Red Geranium 1x 18
Alchemistic Bookstand 1x 37
Alchemistic Cupboard 1x 18
Alchemistic Scales 1x 44
Pile of Alchemistic Books 1x 44
Arrival at Thais Painting 1x 18
Dungeon Scene Painting 1x 37
Tibia Streets Painting 1x 37
Ferumbras Portrait 1x 37
Ferumbras Bust 1x 26
King Tibianus Bust 1x 18
Queen Eloise Bust 1x 18
Light of Change 1x 66
Torch of Change 1x 44
Terrarium Spider 1x 11
Terrarium Spider 1x 55
Venorean Table Clock 1x 44
Hrodmiran Weapons Rack 1x 33
Bath Tub 1x 92
Vengothic Lamp 1x 66
Chameleon Rune 1x 92
Blooming Cactus 1x 18
Bitter-Smack Leaf 1x 18
Pink Roses 1x 18
Red Roses 1x 18
Yellow Roses 1x 18
Lit Skull Lamp 1x 33
Fish in a Tank 1x 66
Dog House 1x 55
Baby Dragon 1x 92
Cat in a Basket 1x 55
Hamster in a Wheel 1x 66
Dwarven Stone Cabinet 1x 37
Dwarven Stone Chair 1x 18
Dwarven Stone Chest 1x 29
Round Side Table 1x 18
Square Side Table 1x 18
Wooden Bookcase 1x 29
Comfy Cabinet 1x 37
Comfy Chair 1x 26
Comfy Table 1x 22
Skeletal Cabinet 1x 37
Skeletal Chest 1x 29
Skeletal Chair 1x 18
Skeletal Table 1x 18
Alchemistic Cabinet 1x 37
Alchemistic Chair 1x 18
Alchemistic Table 1x 29
Ornate Table 1x 18
Ornate Chair 1x 18
Ice Chandelier 1x 66
Ornate Cabinet 1x 37
Verdant Table 1x 29
Verdant Chair 1x 18
Verdant Cabinet 1x 37
Verdant Trunk 1x 18
Vengothic Chair 1x 18
Vengothic Chest 1x 29
Vengothic Cabinet 1x 37
Vengothic Table 1x 18
Rustic Cabinet 1x 37
Rustic Chair 1x 18
Rustic Trunk 1x 29
Rustic Table 1x 18
Ferocious Cabinet 1x 40
Ferocious Chair 1x 18
Ferocious Trunk 1x 29
Ferocious Table 1x 18
Magnificent Cabinet 1x 37
Magnificent Chair 1x 22
Magnificent Trunk 1x 26
Magnificent Table 1x 22
Description: Count/duration: Points:
Change character gender 3x 50
Change character name 1x 100
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